Last One Standing Week 3 Selections

OK, with a tough list of fixtures this week, here are the players selections.

Adrian McGuigan Yes Foreglen
Paddy McKernan Yes Foreglen
Malachy McCrystal No Kilrea
Adrian Trainor No Foreglen
Martin McGlone No Glenulllin
Fergal McNally Yes Kilrea
Johnny Trainor Yes Down
Gavin Walker No Foreglen
Laura No Swatragh
Aidan Bradley No Glenulllin
John Martin No Glenulllin
Billy Elliott Yes Moneymore
Conan Brown No Glenulllin
Barry McEldowney Yes Glenulllin
Kevin McEldowney No Foreglen
Joanna McElhennon Yes Swatragh
Brian McElhennon Yes Kilrea
Rhonda McGeehan Yes Greenlough
Julie Murray No Ballinascreen
Danny Murray Sn Yes Down
Hugh O’Neill No Foreglen
Rory O’Connor Yes Slaughtneill
Matt Convery Yes Foreglen
Pat Madden Yes Down
Patsy McElhennon No Ballinascreen
Barry Smith Yes Dungiven
Brian Smith No Glenulllin
Veronica Smith Yes Kilrea
Damian Smith Yes Down
Pamela O’Kane Yes Down
Barney McGovern No Down
Ciaran Higgins No Craigbane
Helen Higgins No Glenulllin
Paddy McErlean Yes Kilrea
Declan Lee Yes Glenulllin
Diarmuid Clarke Yes Kilrea
Seamus Cushley Yes Kilrea
Adrian Kelly No Kilrea
Gary Laverty Yes Dungiven
Adrian Walls No Kilrea
Joe Mulholland Yes Kilrea
John McGurk No Dungiven
Clare Murray No Swatragh
Peter O’Connor Yes Kilrea
Peter Donnelly Yes Armagh
Anne Matterson Yes Armagh
Paul Scullion No Kilrea
Connor Ormsby Yes Kilrea
Gary Higgins No Kilrea
Gavin Monaghan Yes Glenulllin
Bernie Frain No Glenulllin
Ciaran Higgins Jn Yes Kilrea
Liam Devlin Yes Kilrea
Shane Rocks No Kilrea
Roisin Devlin Yes Coleraine
John Paul Higgins No Glenulllin
Colm Rocks Yes Glenulllin
Connor Monaghan No Kilrea
Kevin Monaghan No Glenulllin
Siobhan Monaghan No Down
Connor Monaghan Yes Down
Cormac McGuckin No Glenulllin
Joe McGreevey Yes Glenulllin
Kevin McGuckin Yes Steelstown
Damien Burns No Kilrea
Paul Burns No Moneymore
Kieran Burns Yes Kilrea
Mary Burns Yes Kilrea
John Hughes No Kilrea
Danny  McStravock Yes Ballinascreen
Martin McStravock Yes Swatragh
Danielle McStravock Yes Ballinascreen
Artie Boyle Yes Steelstown
Martina McStravock Yes Swatragh
Danny Murray Jn No Kilrea
Philip O’Hagan Yes Craigbane
Declan Connery Yes Glenulllin
Dermot Bradley No Foreglen
Liam Bradley No Foreglen
Mario Bradley Yes Down
Eugene Murray No Moneymore
Rory Murray Yes Kilrea
Noeleen Murphy Yes Kilrea
Chris McGuckin No Glenulllin
Raymond Murphy Yes Down
Gavin Kidd Yes Dungiven
Connor Kidd Yes Dungiven
Declan Kidd Jn No Steelstown
Conleth Moran Yes Coleraine
Thomas Martin Yes Craigbane
Gerard McGuckin Yes Glenulllin
Paul Crozier Yes Down
Gerard Murray No Craigbane
Kathleen Murray Yes Moneymore
Gerry McGuigan Yes Down
Brigid McGuigan No Swatragh
Ciara McGuigan Yes Craigbane
Eugene McGuigan Yes Slaughtmanus
Paul McGovern Senior Yes Glenulllin
Gregory McGovern Yes Ballinascreen
Tom O’Kane Yes Swatragh
Fr Paddy O’Connor Yes Coleraine
Harry O’Connor Yes Down
Harry McCann Yes Craigbane
Michael Trainor No Glenulllin
Emmett McCann Yes Kilrea
Shelia Shaw Yes Glenulllin
Kathleen McCann No Glenulllin
Paul Shaw Yes Glenulllin
Kathleen Breen No Down
Fintan Breen No Foreglen
James Breen No Down
Michaal Spiers No Craigbane
Colm Breen Yes Foreglen
Anna McElhennon No Foreglen
Jimmy McElhennon No Ballinascreen
Eunan McElhennon No Dungiven
John Fullen Yes Glenulllin
Johnny McGovern Yes Glenulllin
Veronica McGovern Yes Swatragh
Benny Devlin No Foreglen
Eugene McGovern Yes Dungiven
Kieran McGuigan No Glenulllin
Geraldine McGuigan No Moneymore
Geraldine McGuigan No Glenulllin
Mary B Higgins Yes Glenulllin
Bernard Diamond No Down
Seamus McBride Yes Slaughtneill
Enda O’Hagan No Moneymore
Eamon McGonigle No Foreglen
Mark Madden Yes Kilrea
Mickey McAllistar Yes Craigbane
Martin Kelly Yes Glenulllin
Oran Kelly Yes Swatragh
Liam Kelly No Coleraine
Noel Kelly No Swatragh
Teeny Kelly No Swatragh
Dermot Kelly Yes Foreglen
Brian Kelly No Kilrea
Tony Scullion Yes Craigbane
Joe Fullen Yes Foreglen
Martin McGuigan No Glenulllin
Lisa McCann Yes Steelstown
Terence Donaghy No Foreglen
Michael McCann No Glenulllin
Joe McCabe Yes Down
David Doyle Yes Kilrea
Paddy Kidd No Kilrea
Kathy Loughran Yes Foreglen
Martina Scullion No Down
Eamon Shields No Down
Paddy McCann Yes Kilrea
Marty McGuigan No Banagher
Paul Hasson Yes Dungiven
Paul McDaid Yes Armagh
Barry McDaid No Ballinascreen
Chris Donnelly Yes Craigbane
Gerard Kidd Yes Glenulllin
Enuan Murray Yes Foreglen
Ciaran Kidd Yes Ballinascreen
Jerome Bradley Yes Down
Declan Kidd No Foreglen
Sean McGlone No Kilrea
B Kidd Yes Moneymore
Mary McGeehan No Banagher
S Kidd Yes Moneymore
Anthony Kidd No Kilrea
Pat Kidd No Glenulllin
Paul Donelly No Kilrea
Eileen McGovern Yes Moneymore
Paul McGovern Jn Yes Kilrea
Paul Ryan No Swatragh
Cathy Laurence Yes Down
Abby Laurence Yes Glenulllin
John Ryan No Glenulllin
Ryan Kidd No Kilrea
Caroline Quinn No Glenulllin
Gary Conway Yes Glenulllin
Conal McEldowney No Craigbane
Niall O’Kane No Craigbane
Seamus Fullen Yes Ballinascreen
Mary Fullen No Coleraine
Shane O’Neill Yes Coleraine
Ignatius O’Neill Yes Glenulllin
Martin O’Neill Yes Foreglen
Stephen Gormley No Glenulllin
Mary Gormley No Glenulllin
Brian Gormley Yes Down
Maura Gormley No Armagh
Brian Og Gormley Yes Foreglen

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