LOS – Heavy losses in Week 4

Week 4 seen a big reduction in the numbers still in the running.

Tyrones 2 point victory was enough to see up on 75 loose a life and with 55 of them not having a life spare.

Those out this week are:

Adrian McGuigan

Paddy McKernan

Johnny Trainor


John Martin

Conan Brown

Brian McElhennon

Rhonda McGeehan

Danny Murray Sn

Rory O’Connor

Pat Madden

Ciaran Higgins

Helen Higgins

Paddy McErlean

Seamus Cushley

Gary Laverty

Peter O’Connor

Connor Ormsby

Ciaran Higgins Jn

Liam Devlin

Roisin Devlin

John Paul Higgins

Kevin Monaghan

Cormac McGuckin

Kevin McGuckin

Kieran Burns

Mary Burns

Artie Boyle

Chris McGuckin

Raymond Murphy

Gavin Kidd

Connor Kidd

Gerry McGuigan

Brigid McGuigan

Eugene McGuigan

Harry O’Connor

Kathleen McCann

Michaal Spiers

Colm Breen

Eugene McGovern

Kieran McGuigan

Geraldine McGuigan

Seamus McBride

Mark Madden

Teeny Kelly

Joe Fullen

Lisa McCann

Joe McCabe

David Doyle

Paddy McCann

Paul Hasson

Jerome Bradley

Eileen McGovern

Paul McGovern Jn

Caroline Quinn

Niall O’Kane

Conal McEldowney

Shane O’Neill

Martin O’Neill

Noeleen Murphy

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