Registration 2023


As the new season opens it is vitally important that we get registration up to date before we get into full flight, particularly for players and coaches.

What does my membership get me?

  • Registered with Croke Park
  • Supervised coaching by vetted and trained coaches
  • Player injury fund cover
  • Playing members will have access to physiotherapy
  • Entry to League, Championship, GoGames, etc
  • In the near future paid up members will be able to attend group classes in the new gym

How much is it?

2023 Membership

Senior Squad£120 | Silver Member FOD
Ladies Player £60
Youth Player£30
Student | OAP£30
Adult Non Player £60
Family£240 | Gold Membership FOD

If you would like to pay Silver or Gold membership check out our The Friends Of Desertmartin page.

All other memberships can be done online with Foireann.

Friends of Desertmartin

Anyone who wants to do give a bit back to aid the development of the club with our Gold and Silver Friends of Desertmartin subscriptions, will have their registration renewed automatically and you will get confirmation emails from Foireann when this happens.

Can I register online?

If you do not subscribe to one of the Friends of Desertmartin direct debit options we are encouraging members to register online with Foireann. This is the G.A.A. membership database and you can now register yourself right from your own laptop or phone – you have probably created an account to complete your health declarations over the covid-19 pandemic years, and your login details are still the same. If you can’t remember your password use the forgot my password link rather than creating a duplicate account. Click on the image to log on.

Foireann Login Page

Below are how to videos on how to login and update you and your families details, as well as how to register yourself for the incoming season.

How to log in and check your profile

How to register online – Family and individual

How to register a child online

Want to pay cash?

If you would prefer to pay with good old cash, you can still start the process online, and on the payment page select Pay Later in Club. This way we know who’s waiting to pay cash.

If you can’t register online, the registrar can still take cash and manually register you to the system.