Walkway Lighting Becomes Operational

It is great to announce that the walkway lights are up and operational from 2nd August 2019. The lights will come on at dusk and automatically go out at 11pm.

We are really excited about the potential to provide a local safe walking/running environment for the community in the darker months.

If anyone has any ideas for starting and walking or running group in partnership with the club give us a shout, not necessarily a club member. We are actively looking to develop the facilities and the variety of activities available for the whole community.

We would like to thank Mid Ulster District Council for funding under the Village Area Plan, and Brookfield Renewable for their financial backing under their Social Initiative scheme. This is a great step forward that can improve the opportunity for the community to get active all year round.

Pat Kidd, Chairman St Martin’s GAC


The club really wants to push forward with developing the facilities and making them as useful as possible for as much of the community as possible.

We hope to see plenty of people out walking and running in the coming months.