Feile 2017 Fundraisers

To raise much needed funds for the Féile Peil na nÓg weekend the club will be running and promoting the following events. We hope to receive everyone’s support in our aims to raise these much needed funds.

Big Breakfast

Firstly the Feile BIG Breakfast will be held on Sunday 11th June from 9am -1pm. These events have always been great in the past and the food is just class.

Food will be served on receipt of a food ticket. These can got at the door with a suitable donation or if you want to pay online, we can facilitate a one off direct debit payment with this link.

Thanks to our sponsor KidzPlay Nursery for helping out with provisions for the big feed.

Beano is Running a Marathon

Some of you may already have seen that Beano McElhennon is running in the Derry Marathon, and sponsorship is going towards the Feile 2017 effort. You can donate at this website.

Sponsor a Player

All you have to do is let us know which player you would like to sponsor and how much. There will be different ways to sponsor up on the website soon.

See here for more details.


We will be running a raffle in the coming weeks for some great prizes, keep your eye on the Feile posts in the main menu for news and updates.

See here for more details.

Come Dine with Me

A few patrons have indicated the will be running come dine with me nights to raise more sponsorship. If you think you would like to hold one yourself for guests of your choosing let us know so we can keep track of all the good work. Brona on 07833554316.

General Donation

If you wish you can also make a one off donation of £5, £10 or £20 via direct debit, for other amounts talk to any committee member.

Business Sponsors

Thanks to all our local business sponsors, and our main sponsor TGM Plant Hire. As always we appreciate your backing.

Also supported by Mid Ulster Council