Campa Chormaic 2013

The format of this years Campa Chormaic is as follows:
Week One: 1st July to 5th July in St. Colms Baile na Scríne (year 8 to year 12)
Week Two: 7th July to 11th July in Abhainn Bheag (P6 and P7)

Campa Chormaic is the Irish Language and Sports Summer Camp held in the memory of Cormac McAnallen, who was captain of the All-Ireland winning Tyrone Senior team, when he died in 2004 of a heart condition.

Campa Chormaic was set up in 2004 as a living memory to Cormac in the Brantry a small rural townland near Eglish in County Tyrone. Since then the camp has grown and flourished in Antrim, Derry and Down and each year it provides young children between the age of 9 and 16 years of age with a platform to learn the language, culture and Gaelic games and gives them the opportunity to learn about those ideals which defined Cormac as a person, in sport and academically.

Campa Chormaic is about sport, culture, spirit and about fun.

Campa Chormaic is a legacy to the young Gaels of Ulster and it embodies the spirit of Cormac McAnallen.

Each camp runs a daily activities which embraces learning and sport – where students get the chance to learn the language, and on the playing field they get the chance to play our sports under the watchful eye of teachers as well as some very special guests from across football, ladies football, hurling and camogie.

And of course each participating student gets a cherished Campa Chormaic jersey – unique to those students who attend the camp.