Last One Standing – Week 2 Fixtures

Fixtures for weekend of Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May

LSFC: Laois -3 V Longford
MSFC: Kerry -8 V Tipperary
MSFC: Cork -10 V Clare
USFC: Derry -5 V Fermanagh
CSFC: Sligo -5 V Leitrim
LSFC: Kildare -3 V Wicklow
Christy Ring: Wicklow V Kildare

Handicap Rule: Teams with a negative number start that game this number of points down. For example. Laois -3 means the score at throw in is Laois -3 Longford 0.00. Therefore, for a Laois victory they mist win their game by 4 clear points. 3 point victory for Laois results in a draw and 2 points or less winning margin for Laois results in Longford victory.

Ensure if you are picking either Kildare or Wicklow that you specify if it’s the Football or Hurling team you are choosing.

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