Lip Sync – a great night

The club thanks everyone who attended Lip-Sync in the Gaelic Centre on Saturday 4th March. It was throughly entertaining and the hall rocked as never before as it did on that night. When Gerry, Adrian, Colm, Chris and Seamus opened the show with a thunderous presentation of Ireland’s Call the mood was set. The tempo didn’t lessen when Anne and Joanne came on and gave their version of the Blues Sisters (Brothers). The rock and roll theme continued when Cathy and Therese impersonated Beyonce and Tina Turner. Then the moment was right for a period of calm as Ursula entered the fray and very gracefully impersonated Bruno Mars. But the energy of the occasion could not be restrained as Conor, Gavin, Eamon, Stephen and Paul hit the boards as the Jackson five. What followed was a revalation as Fr. Dermot McGirr delivered Tony Christie’s hit Is This the way to Amerilo. The audience were on their feet within seconds and order only returned with the arrival of the next act. As Aideen, Shannon and Emma delicately tip-toed on to the stage with their umbrellas twirling to be the Weather Girls we thought it was going to be typical Frank Mitchel forecast but within seconds it was as if the heavens opened and the sun had burst forth propelling ultra-violet rays that set the crowd pulsating. High octane energy was the theme of the night and the last act did not disappoint. Thanks to those who put the foundations in all those years back as Patrick, Malachy, James, Raymond and Johnny had the place vibrating as AC/DC. But no contest would be complete without its analysts as our judging panel ran their eyes over each of the acts. Ronan with his earthy commentry, Brenda her subtle wit and Donna with her astute observations became stars on the night. M.C for the evening was Joe Mulholland who conducted affairs with calm assurance. We are extremely grateful to all those who took part on stage giving up their time involving weeks of rehearsal. A huge thanks to all club members who worked on the night and to those who organised the event which took months of planning.