Reserves draw semi-final

Not a day for the faint hearted.

Thats probably the best description for the semi-final played in terrible conditions. For a game which on paper Desertmartin should have walked was nip and tuck for most of the game bar the first 10 minutes
when we looked sure of the win with an excelent goal. As the game progressed and Steelstown got to grips with our forward line our defence was put under more pressure and the first half ended with Desertmartin one point ahead.

In the second half Steelstown continued to harass our forward line with Enda comming in for some rough treatment. The defence held as long as they could but with increasing pressure and a crowded box a rasper of a shot came off the cross bar into the net and Steelstown were ahead.

By the last five minutes we were down by two but with Marty marshalling his forward line and big Gerard lobbing balls in we got a number of fiortys and frees and converted two of them to level the game at 1-06 to 1-06.

All in all a game that never should have been played. The best that can be said is
we are still there and no one got badly hurt.

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