Smoke Free Club

St Martin’s GAC, Desertmartin inspired to go smoke-free.

With the backing of the Club Executive the Healthy Club team in St Martin’s GAC we have secured smoke free signage through a partnership between the GAA and the Public Health Agency.

The club launched the initiative on the 26th April by adopting the GAA’s Tobacco free policy and unveiling the smoke free signs which are erected across the club grounds.

People in attendance were delighted to see the club set a positive example in the community and increase the awareness about the dangers of smoking for the younger members.

Paddy Kidd the main coordinator from The Healthy Club team said “I attend many matches where people think it is ok to just light up and send smoke blowing into you face. I think we as a club need to do something to prevent this from happening as not only are adults affected as there are also children and young people in the stands. We are hoping that this will discourage people from smoking especially our younger members.”

“We feel this is a great initiative as it helps to protect our members and visitors from the dangers of passive smoking. It also sends a clear message to everyone especially our younger members that the club wish to promote healthy initiatives and therefore discourage anything that contradicts that ethos”

Through the GAA’s Healthy Club project approximately 50% of participating clubs have gone completely smoke free. Check out

Check out for more information on the GAA’s smoke free initiative and the Healthy Club Project.

Anyone who is interested in getting some support around quitting can visit