Gym FAQ’s

I already know how to use a gym do I need inducted? 

Yes – gym inductions are specific to gym you are being inducted to so equipment and rules may differ. 

My child is 16 and uses the gym at the Leisure Centre on their own. 

While you may not be with your child at other facilities, they are usually supervised, and they are not strictly alone as there is a staff presence. Our gym will have access after hours and we would stipulate that under 18’s do require supervision. 

Are there changing facilities? 

Yes – we will have 2 separate changing rooms with showering facilities. 

Great – how do I pay? 

Payment will be by direct debit subscriptions. These will be kept separate from any other direct debits you have with the club and can be cancelled on request. 

Do I need a monthly subscription? 

A subscription is required for individual gym usage. We will also be introducing group classes which you can attend on a pay as you go basis as long as you are a club member. More info to come as plans are implemented.  

How do I get in? 

We have installed a digital lock at the gym, which accepts fingerprints, fobs, and digital keys on your phone. By default, we will use fingerprints to make sure the gym is being used by the correct person, but alternatives can be considered on a case-by-case basis.  

Is the gym available 24/7? 

No – while you have access via a digital lock, we will be setting a closing time of midnight, and opening time of 5am.