Coaching Portal

Welcome to the coaches portal. Located here will be resources to assist our volunteers. Below is the link to our live calendar for training and match related events.


Communications Policy

We would ask that all coaches groups adhere to the communications policy below.

This policy is aimed at the regulation of club communications to players and parents
within the club. Technology now allows us unprecedented access to players and club
members, and this must be balanced with the need for official communications to be
accurate and appropriate. There is a trend of using social media and communications
apps which offer ease of use but also in some instances generate too much interaction
and can be seen as a nuisance with dozens of notifications received a day. Without
additional measures in place unwarranted or even inappropriate material can find its
way onto our communications platforms.

Measures to be implemented for team communications on WhatsApp

  1. Each group will have one team chat.
  2. An executive member will be on each group chat to monitor and flag
    inappropriate communications or material.
  3. Only administrators will be allowed to add content to the group chats.
  4. The team coach will be one of the administrators.
  5. The coach may delegate other members of the management team to send out
  6. In the case of confirming numbers, messages can be given a simple thumbs up
    by long holding the message and selecting a reaction, these are totalled
    automatically for the benefit of the coach. If coaches wish to get excuses from
    players, they can be sent by direct message.

Future Aims

The GAA’s new online registration system Foireann has facilities that allow the team
coaches to schedule events for the team, as well as the ability of parents/players to
RSVP if they will be attending. It also enables coaches to record attendance post
training. The club see this as the ideal way to go as there is no potential for
inappropriate material, provides data on training numbers and facilities usage, and
provides a centralized recording system.

Child Safeguarding

St Martin’s GAC is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all young people who wish to participate in our Gaelic Games and activities.

Find out about the GAA safeguarding policy here on the GAA website, and see the Safeguarding Training Policy below.

Maintaining Good Practice and Behaviour

Code of Behaviour

Foireann for Everyone

Foireann is the GAA’s online membership, communication and games management system.

You can log in on a web browser (left) for a full list of functions or download the app (below) for the essentials of managing your team, group messaging, scheduling training and match events, printing team sheets, recording attendance and more.

You can see both your own and your family members schedule in your schedule list and get notifications to your phone when new events are created.

The club would like to push the use of the app to notify teams of events and record attendance.

Download and install the app on your phone



Check out the how to information in the support desk to get you started.