Big "MAN" makes his return

With numerous injuries within the camp this season, who would have though that the return of this assassin would mark the turning point of our season. Yes the recent return of Jimmy and Rory have injected some much needed presence up the field but it's in the corner back department that his "Blast from the past" will make the difference in the closing stages of the season (once he gets his match fitness fine tuned that is!)



As you can see from the photo, Shane "Man" Kelly has got winner written
all over him. Just the sort of experience this young team will need in
the coming weeks and months.


Although his uniform will look slightly different when he steps out in
the final group game of the championship first round against Claudy
next month, his determination and work ethic will never be questioned.
Just as it was never questioned back in the day, when a simple trip to
Ogra for a minor match was never going to be over until the bus got out
the gate!

Is he in any sort of shape I hear you ask, but fresh from conquering
the game in the states he felt it was time to return to his homeland to
spearhead the Martins march towards this years championship success.


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