Jigs and Reels Contestants Interview #6

This week contestants interviewed was Ryan Kidd and Shelly Mc Guigan. Mind you, it was hard to get them to speak, with Jigs and Reels only a week away the nerves were kicking in!

First interviewed was Shelly and this was what she had to say:

Shelly, why did you join this years jigs and reels?

“Last year I said I would do it under the influence of alcohol. Blame Barry Smith.”

How would you best describe your partner?

“Best suited to something in the nutcracker with his delicate pose and balance. He makes every twirl flawless.”

Chances of winning?

“Biggest competitors are Anthony and Marian.. its tight.”
Next interviewed was Ryan Kidd.

Ryan, why did you join this years jigs and reels?

“After basking in the glory of being crowned the UFFC champion last year it seemed time to focus on a new accolade. When offered the opportunity to joins Jigs and Reels this appeared to be the time to once again tap into a seemingly endless pit of talent”

How would you best describe your partner?


Chances of winning?

“Is this a competition?”

(Well I know who I want to loose…)

Shelly Mc Guigan & Ryan Kidd

Only two pairs to be interviewed now as the Jigs and Reels is coming swiftly. Remember to book your tickets to avoid disappointment.

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