Jigs and Reels Contestants Interview – Week 3

This weeks interviewed couple was Senior player Michael Mc Cann and Senior Ladies player Louise Breen. I first interviewed Louise, and this was what she had to answer to the questions asked.

Louise, Why did you join this years Jigs and Reels?

“Michael Mc Cann rang me. I had no choice! Well its a bit of craic too, it looked really fun last year so I thought i’d just give it a go.”

Describe your partner:

“Very helpful and competitive in a good way. Good craic to dance with.”

What is your chances of winning?

“Its an absolute Cert!”

(Someone is a little too complacent I think!)

Next interviewed was Michael Mc Cann. This is what he had to answer:

Michael, Why did you join this years Jigs and Reels?

“I was paired with a very good looking partner. Also, there was severe pressure from Shine Zone’s Number 1.”

Describe your partner:

“Very light on her feet. A bit light in the head too. Good story teller, nearly as good as Greg Mc Govern tells his stories about quiet nights in when he’s in Belfast.”

(Something you need to share Mick?)

What is your chances of winning?

“Red hot favourites.”

Michael Mc Cann & Louise Breen

Thats all for today. There will be a new interview up every few days so keep checking in, thanks

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