Numbers continue to drop in 100-1

Some draws and a shock defeat to Dublin has seen another few drop out of the running in 100-1

This weeks casualties include:

Mark Madden
Shane O’Neill
Aidan Bradley
Benny Martin
Danny McStravock
Siobhan McFlynn
St Marys BC 1
Harry McCann
Michael McCann
Fintan Scullion
K&G McCann
Ryan Kidd
Phelim Rocks
Barry Smith
Colm Breen
Breige McGovern

The full list of picks for week 2 were

Name Week 2
Mary B Higgins Lavey
Raymond Devlin Monaghan
Jimmy McEllehonne Slaughtneil
Damien Burns Slaughtneil
Johnny McGovern Slaughtneil
Ryan O’Kane Monaghan
Declan Lee Monaghan
Liam Bradley Lavey
Tony Walls Slaughtneil
Danny Murray Monaghan
Eamon MCGonigal Monaghan
Dermot Bradley Monaghan
Paul Ryan Lavey
Michael Hegarty Monaghan
Mark Madden Kildare
Seamus Cushley Slaughtneil
Rory Murray Monaghan
Shane O’Neill Kilrea
Ciaran Higgins Monaghan
Adrian Walls Lavey
Paddy McErlean Monaghan
Aidan Bradley Dublin
James Breen Monaghan
Helen Higgins Lavey
Benny Martin Kilrea
Danny McStravock Kilrea
St Marys BC 4 Monaghan
Adrian McGuigan Monaghan
Siobhan McFlynn Dublin
Eileen McGovern Monaghan
St Marys BC 2 Cavan
Artie Boyle Slaughtneil
St Marys BC 5 Slaughtneil
St Marys BC 1 Kilrea
Martina McStravock Armagh
Paul O’Hagan Monaghan
J P Higgins Monaghan
Emmet McCann Lavey
Harry McCann Kildare
Michael McCann Kilrea
Fintan Scullion Dublin
K&G McCann Dublin
Patrick McCann Monaghan
Harry O’Connor Monaghan
Sheila Shaw Monaghan
Michael Trainor Monaghan
Anne Kilpatrick Monaghan
Clare Murray Armagh
Pat Kidd Monaghan
Ryan Kidd Dublin
Mary Kidd Armagh
Brian Smith Monaghan
Joe Mulholland Monaghan
Mary & Kathleen Armagh
Phelim Rocks Loup
Barry Smith Dublin
Seamus Fullen Armagh
Paul Donnelly Monaghan
Colm Breen Kilrea
Kevin Murphy Monaghan
Chris Totten Monaghan
Eoin Mackle Monaghan
John Fullen Cavan
Breige McGovern Donegal
Tomaisina McGovern Monaghan
Barney McGovern Monaghan